Talking To Another Transgender Guy Triggered Me, And This Is Why

Let me start from the beginning, not long ago Malta open the first gender clinic, and I’ve been referred to it so yay I’m finally getting the help I need. Going back to what happened. I was at work, and my best friend texted me do you know so and so? I said I heard that name before, I asked why and he told me that he spoke to this trans guy about me. He suggested that I add this guy, so I did.

This guy is super nice. He asked me if I have any questions that I want to ask him and I said not really. My main issue is that I need a new endocrinologist since the last two I had couldn’t get on the same page me, which sent me into a roll of gender dysphoria which sucked. He told who his endocrinologist is and it’s the same as mine. As soon as I read his name, I felt my chest getting tight and sweating, thinking about my last visit with that doctor.

Thanks to my luck start, my social worker was online, so she helped me process through the emotions I was feeling The lesson I need to learn is to speak up when the subject becomes uncomfortable. Also am the only one who hates comparing my life or body to other.


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