Bump by Matthew J. Metzger

This book talks about being a transgender man and getting pregnant. Let me make one thing clear it’s rare for a trans guy on testosterone to get a cycle because of a hormone imbalance will have to occur that happens when the dose of testosterone is changed.

David is a transgender guy who fell in love Ryan who is a wheelchair user. I don’t think there is a better book to showcase my life. I get told a lot that if I ‘choose’ to be a guy, I should give up on having my own biological child which isn’t fair, but like David, I heard from doctors and nurses. I love how supportive Ryan during the whole time even if he was fighting his own battles like fighting for fighting for custody of Ave from his previous marriage.

David and Ryan are already two of my favourite characters of 2019, I think it’s clear that I love Matthew’s writing topic and style and I’ll be reading all the books I find by him. Without further ado, my first five stars of the year go to you, Matthew J. Metzger.



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