Coffee Boy by Austin Chan

When I feel trapped in myself, I look up transgender books and characters. Kieran felt real to me. I mean the beginning of adulthood is hard for everyone but being trans can be the cherry on top. Just like Kieran I’ve been attacked and disrespected because I’m trans. I love how fearless Kieran was with the pronoun pin in a new place.

I admire that he kept his hair long, as a transgender guy I think, I fell in a stereotype that guys look more masculine with short hair and I felt that I needed to have short hair to be a guy. Another situation that was brought up in the book was that Kieran was being misgendered as a female which is linked with the same society close-mindedness.

In my opinion, there were too many sex scenes for how short this book is. I needed this book to be longer because I felt that the relationship between Kieran and Seth to develop a bit more because I thought it was a bit rushed between the falling in love and dating to the sex scenes. I wanted a little more conversion between the two. To be honest, I wanted a longer book as a whole. I gave this book a three of five stars. I wished for more, but the concept was good.


Coffee Boy

2 thoughts on “Coffee Boy by Austin Chan

  1. I also often think novellas are too short! I mean, I know they’re supposed to be but I usually want more of the story. You might want to try Chant’s novel Peter Darling, which is a trans Peter Pan retelling.


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