My Blog Is One

My blog started because I suck at talking. A year ago today I posted my first post on this blog because as I just said, I’m awful at telling other humans like me how I’m feeling using my voice. So my psychologist came out with the idea that I would start a blog as a way to help me get my feelings out. Since I find it more natural writing than speaking. Did you guys know that my voice is a dysphoric point for me? So this blog helped me get my voice out there without even saying a word. Isn’t that awesome!

If you guys have been following for a while, you know my highs and lows in my personal life and thanks for being by my side and helping me hang in there. As of today, I posted 394 posts including this one I tried to post every day which I think I did sorry if I missed a day or two. I made new friends because of this blog, my blogger friends opened my eyes to books and all sorts of other things, and just for that and more, I’ll forever be grateful. To all my 160 subscribers I want to say thank you for your likes, comments and love that you showed forward me during this whole year, you’ve become my family away from home.


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