How ADD/ADHD Became Personal To Me

Let me clear this up I don’t have ADD, or at least I don’t think I do since I never been tested. This is how everything started last January, my friend invited me to a storytelling workshop. Fifteen minutes into it this guy joins the group, he sat next to me. Since he sat next to me, we got paired together a lot during the exercises. After the two day workshop, most people there wanted to read some of my work, so I asked them for their email. After some of them added me on facebook and Neville and I stayed friends.

February came along, and I messaged Neville to see how he was anxious, I told him that if he wants to call I’m at home. He did call, and we ended up chatting about me being trans like always, and I knew he was a true friend. We meet up to write and catch up. One day we’re writing at my house and asked me if I knew what ADD is and I said that I’ve an idea but not much. He explained about it and told me that he’s doing tests to see if he has it. Not all long ago he got his results back, and he has ADD. I made it an aim to learn more about it.

Some Common symptoms of ADD might include:

Feelings of inner restlessness


Racing thoughts

Getting bored easily

Craving excitement

A tendency to take risks

Talking excessively

Doing a million things at once

Trouble sitting still

Constant fidgeting


How to help a friend who has ADD:


Don’t get mad if they are late

Remind them of plans they might have if you know what their plans are

Encourage them

Help with planning


He’s someone I look up to, he’s the closest friend I have, who understands me.


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