Trying To Fit A Year Of My Life In One Post

Let me start with writing and reading. I’ve writing begun a novel. This year I’ve read 472 books, about 142,758 pages. Some of my favourites are The Pants Project by Cat Clarke, Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Kat and Meg Conquer the World by Anna Priemaza, Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah.
The first thing that was good that I remember for the first month of the year, I became friends with my best friend at a workshop on storytelling. A week after that I ended up in A and E (ER) with a gallstone attack, and that’s how I spent my 22nd birthday. February, I ended up in the hospital with another attack. I and my ex restarted dating. I also published my first book in February. March, my mum got sick, so my cholecystectomy got postponed to June. Nothing worth mentioning happened in April or May. June I had my surgery, completely forgot my best friend’s birthday, which I still feel guilty about to this day. July I recovering from surgery, which I must say went well.
In August my now ex-boyfriend came to Malta for a holiday, dumped me after few hours after he met me face to face for the first time. That week and the week after that my anxiety really kicked in, thankful my friends, family, psychologist and social worker helped me put myself back together. In November the first real gender clinic in Malta opened which is very meaningful to me. My Cerebral Palsy has been acting up which makes my life a bit more challenging but, hey I’ll be okay it’s nothing that I haven’t dealt with before.

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