My Mum Called Me Her Son For The First Time Ever

So yesterday I was working at my job and when my work is done for the day. My mum enters the office where I work, so she signs me out from the day since the machine is out of my reach because I’m sitting being that I’m a wheelchair user. Therefore, when she goes to the waiting room to wait for me to finish for the day, she got to know some of the parents (I work at a school). Yesterday, one of the parents was talking to mum and asked her who I was, and she came to me and told this man that I was her son. As soon as I heard that my face did a 180 forgetting what I was doing, I needed to make sure that was my mum and that my ears weren’t playing tricks and I heard right. I felt two emotions, happy tears and peace. I hope it wasn’t a mistake because I’ve been waiting to hear that word since I was a child. Just so I can remember the date yesterday was 23rd November 2018. A very positive day in the journey to becoming a man.

P.S Just one word can break or make a person’s day, think before you speak.


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