The Greatest Showman Rant

If I had to be honest, there are movies that I plan to watch but never do because I never have time to do so. Some of the films I would like to watch are To All The I Loved Before, Love Simon, A Star Is Born, 3 Generations and these are only the ones that come at the top of my head.

However, not long ago I was at work and heard the song This Is Me, and as soon as I listened to the words in the song. I wanted to find out what it is all about, so I came home and searched The Greatest Showman – This is Me on Youtube and found all the songs from the musical and enjoyed all of them (I know it’s dumb but, I didn’t give it much thought when I heard people talking about it. I became in love with the music in the movie. Even if The Greatest Showman is about a circus. The feeling that I felt was that I was being told. People who left that they’re monsters turn their lives about and show the people who think of them as freaks that they are just as human as them.

In conclusion, this movie has my heart, and it gives me warm fuzzes and great music to listen to while writing. If you haven’t watched it yet, go do so and enjoy the cold season.


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