My Coming Out Story

I know I’m a bit late to the game since national coming out day is on the 22nd  October. I remember that day very distinctly because it was the day that final interview of what is my current job. On the way back in the car, I told my mum that I can fall in love with any gender and she was okay with everything.

Then, a few weeks after I told one of my best friends, Marcus, I think I’m like you, I’m a trans man. He said to me that he sensed it coming based on how I acted and the way I desired my body to be. The first time he used male pronouns and called me Alex is the first I felt like I’m in my own skin. On my 21st birthday, I came out to my mum as trans via text saying that I can’t handle being female anymore and I’m a trans man. She texted back okay, fast forward nearly two years she still doesn’t fully accept me as a man, and that hurts me a lot.

If I didn’t come out that day, I wouldn’t be here today because holding everything inside was too much for me to cope with every day because inside me I always felt male. I still haven’t found the courage to come out to my dad. In reality that’s the only thing that is keeping away from hormone therapy.


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