How I Ended Up Without Books…

A few years ago everyone started giving me books since I didn’t have much of a taste so, I would read anything I was given. The more books I read, the more I started to develop my personal taste and the real beauty of reading. As I began to transition, I quickly found out that I can’t handle books with a lot of romance in them, so I gave those books away. Since I mostly blog about books, I found myself reading more since I started blogger and I donate all the physical I read since I don’t have the desire or the time to re-read books.

As a teen, I was saving some books I was gifted because I thought they were full books but when I went to begin reading them, I figured out they were only half the book, so I went to the charity shop and gave these away too. Then, it clicked that I have no more physical books to read left and I panicked. I went on the hunt for libraries that are accessible near me, and I found none. I texted all my friends who read to lend me books that I can read until I can locate an accessible book fair where I can buy my own books. I believe in donating or giving a book to someone else because not everyone can afford to buy the full price book. I know that as an author this might harm my sales, but I don’t mind it.


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