My thoughts on the binary and non-binary

What does non-binary mean?

I can give many answers to this question, but the short one is when a person doesn’t feel female or male. Therefore, around the middle of the gender spectrum. Some days they feel female and some days male. Some non-binary people undergo surgery to live in the body they are most comfortable in. The people I met who are non-binary use they/them, but you should always ask the person for their prefered pronouns to be on the safe side and avoid misgendering.

Do I have non-binary days?

Yes, I do even though I identify as a binary man when I get my cycle I get the non-binary feeling. Does are the hardest days to go through because I get a ton of gender dysphoria. I mean shark week is hard for every woman let alone being a trans man. I do have hope that in the future I’ll be given male hormones and it will stop it. Making it possible for me to feel me every day. By the way, non-binary people still form a part of the transgender family. I want to thank my friends that help me on the bad days.


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