I’m not a bloody charity case

So today I went to university to hang out and work with my best friend at the library since most libraries in Malta are inaccessible. Let me tell you the campus has a ton of stairs making it hard for wheelchairs users. What would happen if I want to be a student there? While I was there, someone pointed it that if a fire starts most of the campus would burn since tents block most access of doors and ramps because of one event or another. Now my question is this safe and does it follow the health and safety laws that we have in Malta? I’ll leave you to come up with your conclusions on that.

While I got stuck in a lift for nearly an hour, I could hear my best friend explaining to the people there what we’re doing there, and the reason was that most places where friends can catch up or work aren’t accessible for people like me. After writing all that let me get to the point of why I decided to blog about this. When they got me out of the lift, we begin to walk the way to where my mum was picking me up. A worker at the university told us that they would like to escort our part of the way since they were doing that way too. They compared my problem with accessible to the time when their children were in prams. By then I had just about enough for one day. I snapped and told them that a pram you can lift or close but, a power wheelchair like mine is too heavy to lift.

Behind me, this person was talking to my friend and telling he how great he is for doing this voluntary work. That kind of comment hurt me a lot and got me thinking. Having an ‘able-bodied’ friend with me in public means that they are doing voluntary work with me in this country? I faced my friend about this. I told him that if you see as a charity case, I won’t be accepting any work that you get me and he said that he viewed me in that lens and I honestly felt my whole body relax after hearing that.


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