LGBTQIA+ Booktube Tag (blog vision)

Created by Danika Leigh Ellis
Question #1: How do you identify?
I identify as transgender (ftm) and pansexual.

Question #2: What are some of your favourite LGBTQIA+ books and authors?            Anger Is a Gift by Mark Oshiro , Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin as for authors Adam Silvera , Alice Oseman.
Question #3: How often do you talk about LGBTQIA+ books on your blog, and what posts of yours would you recommend people start with, if they’re looking for LGBTQIA+ content?
I talk about LGBTQIAP+ quiet often, even with posts not about books. I like personal posts when I read LGBTQIAP+ bloggers.
Question #4: Who are your favorite LGBTQIA+ booktubers/ bloggers?
ProblemsofaBookNerd , Dylanthereader5 and kiramoorescloset.

Question #5 (suggested by Jessie of Cup of Books): When was the first time you encountered an LGBTQIA+ character in fiction?
Ashamed to say that it took till my teenage years.
Question #6:Anything else you want to add? And who do you tag?
I tag anyone who wants to do this.


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