Why I loven the BioShock games and not other first person shooters

( This is a guest post by my best friend Neville) Neville’s blog

A plane crashes into the dark ocean at night. Flames erupt all around you. Screams fill your ears. You make your way desperately to the lighthouse you see in the distance. As you enter the building, you’re taken deeper into the bowels of the ocean. You are invited to board a bathysphere – a person-sized submarine – and as you descend into the depths, a man’s voice floats out of the darkness, challenging society’s pillars of state and religion, and proposing an alternative: an underwater city where capitalism can flourish in its purest form, so that those with potential might pursue it and become great, free of the control of regulations, unchecked by petty morality, and away from the parasites the rest of humanity represents. As your personal submarine turns around a reef, you see the fabled metropolis that this man – Andrew Ryan – founded to escape society and build a better one in his image: Rapture. Skyscrapers loom out of the seafloor, while sea life makes its way around this misplaced civilization. And you begin to understand: this is not going to be your typical late 2000’s first person shooter. Your journey is going to be far darker, far stranger, and far more memorable than any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could ever provide.
BioShock continues by quickly introducing you to the main players that hold Rapture in their sway by the time you – Jack – unwittingly stumble upon its husk. As you dock, a cavernous chamber echoes with yelled out threats. In the shadows, you see figures scuttling about.


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2 thoughts on “Why I loven the BioShock games and not other first person shooters

  1. I’ve heard that the bioshock games are really interesting! But I’ve never had the time to actually invest myself into them … that and I am a baby when it comes to anything spooky, horror or includes jump scares.


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