Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again

No, this isn’t a movie review although let me say that I saw the movie and it’s a ball of fun. I’m here to give an update on my life for the last three months. It has been one hell of a roller-coaster. I had surgery that should’ve been a  minor surgery ended up being a week of hospital stay and a month and a half out of work, but all that matter is that I’m healthy now. A bitter-sweet thing that happened was that the person that I thought I loved came to Malta but they dumped me a few hours after which triggered anxiety. Hence, the posts about anxiety and mental health lately. Looking on the bright side, I’m continuing to write my novel from this week. We had LGBTQIA+ pride in Malta. However, I couldn’t go so I can’t report much on that since I wasn’t there, but it’s exciting to know that events like that are happening here. Not going to lie I’ve been thinking about making writing as my second career hoping that I could make enough money to make it my job. By the way, if you feel like your life is going downhill, first of all, you’re not alone, second, go to a salon or barber and have a haircut. It works like magic at least it does for me. Like and comment if you want to see more posts like this one from me.


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