Reading Moods Rent

What’s happening to me? As a teen, I used to love romance books. Therefore most of the books I own are romance. In the last year, I’ve been staying away from books full of passion and don’t get wrong I don’t have anything against the genre, and I hope that I would be enjoying a romance. It might be that I just got out of a romantic relationship so my mind can’t handle it in books. Moreover, if the book has LGBTQIAP+ characters , I’m going to like it because I can relate. The funny thing is there are some authors I love, and I would read anything by them because I love their writing style. I’m giving a ton of my book away so wish me luck that I don’t end up without books and have anxiety over it. Am I the only human feeling this?

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One thought on “Reading Moods Rent

  1. I doubt you are the only one to feel this way, in the past, right now, or in the future. Sometimes our tastes change. Not in a way we don’t like them, of course, because we expand and discover things we like more. Its okay to let some of the books go that you don’t feel connected to. Just try to keep a few that you enjoy for when you do want to come back to that genre.
    LGBTQIA+ books are very important. What’s more important is that they are representing the right way. This can also apply to mental health. Its fine to write about it, but if its not done the right way then it gives the wrong representation. Absolutely rambling here so, I will be off now. Happy Reading


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