Should this be my next book?

Chapter 1

“What’s wrong with you this morning?” Nothing just couldn’t sleep last night, and I bet you’re enjoying kicking my butt? Kyle that’s what you pay me to make you work in the gym. Alright, three more and done I will see next session boss. Time for me to start the day. Under the boiling water the nightmare I have every time I undress, so I am going to let the scalping water numb the pain inside me. Drying himself, Kyle went to his bedroom to dress for the day the first he puts on is a chest binder and underwear choosing my navy blue suit I was ready to start the day.
The first thing I do when I enter my office is buzzing my assistant for coffee. Come on in Cece” good morning Mr. Stone.” How are you doing? “Not bad Sir,”so here are the papers I need you to sign today, and if you need anything, I will be in my office. My phone started ringing, Stone, “ Mr. Stone a virus is attacking the system what do you want me to do about it?” Ok call Kim and tell her that she needs to start protecting the firewall immediately we can’t let personal information of our working partners get leaked to the media.
My buzzer started ringing, Yes Cece, Mr. Stone your brother is here to see you are available to talk to him? Yes, Cece, you can let him in, Kyle what are doing this early in here? I couldn’t sleep last night than Alec kicked my ass in the gym. Let me guess its gender dysphoria again? Yes, its haunting my dreams, Kyle you need to do something about it, I just booked a session with a new psychologist. What happened to the last one you had?
She couldn’t understand how I’m feeling and I fired her. Ok, Kyle, I am going back to work, are you going to the mansion tonight dad has been asking about you yes mum called me about it and she ordered me to go to dinner tonight, she said that they have news they want to share.
Something is up she just texted me and said the same thing. I have no idea what they are up I guess we’ll have to wait and see to tonight. After going from meeting to meeting with all the company departments and signing some paper all day, an e-mail popped to remind me that I have to go to dinner with my parents today. I texted my driver Will that I will be heading down and right as the elevator opened I could see Will holding the car door open for me to get in.
Will has been the family’s driver long before I was born, Will has become my driver from my first day at preschool. The first thing I thought when I met Will was how smart he looked in his uniform, and the next day I asked Nancy, the family nanny if I could wear clothes like Will’s, and she said no Kate you can’t “ but why Nancy? Kate honey little girls like you wear cute dresses not boy clothes. After a meltdown, she got me ready by picking a dress from the many I have in my closet. Mr. Stone, we are here what’s the code today 002345 will I stay waiting for you here? No Will you can have the rest of the night off go home and enjoy the evening with your family, ok good night Sir. Hi Mum, “ Hi son how are you? Not too bad, how are you? I am doing pretty good now that my boys are here. Dad is in the tv room want to go and say hi, your brother will be here in about five more minutes then we will eat.
When my brother Ian arrived, we went to the dining room, and the chef brought out the starters. So, dad, can you tell us why you wanted both of us here yes Ian I gathered you both here to tell you that Gamers Enterprises has fallen into bankrupt and we lost most of our shareholders, so I decided to retire early and give Gamers Enterprises to you Kyle and Stone Modeling to you Ian.
But dad you can’t do that what am I going to do with a gaming company? Dad Kyle is right what am I going to do to with a modelling company? Ian, I thought you had a designer degree why don’t you use it to get one of the family companies back on its feet if you don’t know a lot of people that have been working for our company for years now and I might add that they are very loyal to us.
First thing Monday morning you both have a meeting with the board of directors of your new companies, and this is my final say. There is only one other was my dad got so angry to the point where his face turned purple, and that’s when I came out to him as transgender and said that I was born female and I will die female this is just a phase you are going through Kate. Kyle are you listening you look like a deer in the headlights. Yes, dad but can’t you ask the bank we don’t have enough shares for the bank to allow us one because of the shares value of the company are low. Ok, dad, I think I heard enough, Ian can your driver take me home? I thought you had Will driving you around? I do, but I gave him tonight off. Ok, I will text Joe and tell him to take you to your mansion, and then he will come back for me later.
The drive to my place takes a bit an hour and a half, and by the time Joe got me home I was already tipsy and but the time I zoomed out, I had two more bottles of wine.

I just woke up with the most significant hangout known to men, good thing it’s Saturday, and I have a session with Alec at the gym before I go to the office. Will I am coming down, yes Sir I am waiting for you? Where do go you want me to take you, Mr. Stone, to the Miami Gym, Will. My phone buzzed and an e-mail popped up.

From: Carla@Gamers
To: Personal@Stones

Mr. Stone,

Attached to this e-mail, you have some documents about the company that you are overtaking and personal information concerning the heads of departments in the company.

Your assistant,

Carla Foster

Sir, we are here shall wait for you here Mr. Stone? Yes, it’s just a one-hour session ok Sir. Good morning Alec good morning Kyle, what’s up with the dark glasses man it’s six am and the sun is early out. Good thing Alec has been my way before I started my business and even knew me as Kate because I am not in the mood for his joking around. I had dinner with the family understand.

Oh, I think I get where this is going now, no you don’t my old man is retiring early because Gamers Enterprises has filed bankrupt. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. He gave me ownership of Gamer Enterprises, congratulations man, but from the looks of it you don’t look so happy to what I thought you would be, I am not because now I feel like I own dad favor.

Ok, let’s get started maybe you’ll get some of that anger out our system. Put on some boxing gloves on, just to make it clear I don’t agree with you wearing your chest binder while are boxing you might have a hard time breathing in it but I know you won’t have it any other way. I start testosterone in a week I am approved by my gender clinic at last.

My top surgery scheduled for May, so that’s in a month. Yes, I had to pay the hospital extra for the short notice, and Dr. Ace a private surgeon is flying here from Britain and I won’t be allowed to exercise for about two months maybe three, ok enough chit chat step in the ring and let’s get to work. Start with a left punch and leg kick. Give a little bit more power to the leg kick and put more weight on your right leg. That’s it, a few more and we can wrap up for today, and done. If you want to shower, you can use the staff changing room it’s unisex or my private bathroom, after all, I am the owner of this gym, and your name helps the business.

After a quick shower with soap down my body with hopes to remove the smell of sweat without me having to touch my chest and the lower area of my body too much. I changed into a suit and put the company t-shirt and shorts I used to train in the gym bag I was carrying. Will, which side are you parked at? In the reserved area Mr. Stone, ok I am heading out there meet you in five. Take me to Stone Enterprises I have a meeting with the company board of directors so I can announce that now I own both Stone Enterprises and Gamers Enterprises, congratulations are in order sir, thank you. We are here sir have a good day sir.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I want to apologize for the short notice and bring you to work on your day off, but I have an important announcement to make, from yesterday I am the CEO of Gamers Enterprises. Depending on sales they might become one company this year later on so be ready for changes.
Cece, did anything change from today’s schedule? Yes, sir, your appointment with the Chinese software was canceled. Did they give a reason why they withdrew? No sir I got an email just saying they wanted to cancel and they didn’t ask for another meeting. Alright, I will email them, and I will check what’s going on. Can you bring me a coffee? I will be in my office, yes sure thing.
“Knocking” come in, here you go. Do you need anything else? No, I am excellent thanks. Ok, Mr. Stone if you need anything just call me. I don’t understand why Cece keeps showing more and more flash every day she knows that I will never date my assistant or anyone that works with Stones Enterprises for that matter.

From: Personal@Stones

Mr. Cha,

My assistant just informed me that the meeting, I had with you this morning was withdrawn. Please understand that, for Stone Enterprises to buy your software we need to test it first. Please email my assistant to set a date for another meeting.


Cece, I am heading home and will be working from home the rest of the weekend if something happens, and I need to be here reach me on my phone. As always Will was waiting for me as soon as I entered the lobby. As soon as I got home, I removed my chest binder, and my body was on fire with the pain I guess Alec was right this morning boxing in my binder isn’t so crisp but I rather deal with the pain than the gender dysphoria. When I didn’t need a nanny anymore. Nancy has become one of the family cooks, and when, I moved here she started working for me, and before she goes on Friday.

She leaves food for me to reheat during the weekend, but my stomach doesn’t want any food after the alcohol party I had yesterday, so I just ate some fruit. After I finished eating, I switched on my laptop to read last year’s reports on Gamers Enterprises to what I can do to bring some money back to the company. In the middle of reading the research.

I realized that Gamers Enterprises is in far worst shape than I thought and it confirmed that I have no choice but to combine companies. Why did you do this to me, Dad? I really wanted to shower my body with alcohol, but I know that to save this company I need a straight mind. Let’s see what will happen Monday.

I’ve been in doubt of my  next project, although I have the first four chapters written. What do you guy think? Comment below!

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