I’ve been suffering from a week of anxiety, and I’m not posting this to get pity or anything like that from my readers. I have hopes that in writing how I feel and opening myself up will help someone else in knowing they aren’t alone. The first time, I remember having an attack I was about seven or eight when a child at school tried to push me down all the stairs. Another time the same kid grabbed me by my throat, and that’s how it all started. As a teen and adult, I have anxiety about staying alone all my life ( which to many of you that sound stupid, but I feel the need for love). For me blogging and writing help. What do you think comment down below!
Have a great day,

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3 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. I hope that you’ll feel less anxious soon… I’m sure you have nothing to worry about though.. you will find someone who’ll love you! How many times did you see a couple and you thought, well if they can find someone… ?! I have other kinds of anxiety but I know what it’s like to feel this way!


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