South of Sunshine by Dana Elmendorf

I had some issues with this book, from reading the first few pages I could tell that the author isn’t lgbt+ (I might be wrong). I fell uncomfortable with the way the author dealt with the issues that the church has with queer people. What do I mean by this is that I get that the church disagrees with the way people like me were born to be, Malta ( where I live) is very religious as an island, so as I was growing up I was told that people like me are going to hell. On the other hand, Malta is number one on the list of most lgbt+ friendly places. What I’ m trying to say is that people are less close-minded nowadays, or at least I hope they are. Anyway, this book left a bitter taste in my mouth. The church and the lgbtqia+ can live peacefully together if we work through it. I gave this book two out of five stars because of the hate in it. I would like to see this author from another point of view.
Please read it and let me know what you think I might be mistaken.

South of Sunshine

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