Before I did my research, I would never have thought that gold can be dirty. There is always a grey area in everything. One of the major gold markets is in Dubai. Dubai handles a fifth of the world’s annual demand for new gold. Nowadays they make anything with gold from facials to phone cases. Dirty gold is easily melted in with the good, so you never know what gold you’re getting 100%. The gold market is very secretive, and the people who speak about are in danger. Gold is fueling child labour, murder and in most case civil wars which go against human rights. It’s our job to ask where the gold that we’re buying is coming from. A ton of the black market gold comes from Colombia. People can get out of the market for cocaine and go into the market of gold because it is making more money. They do have government regulation, but they aren’t well followed. Miners have to pay protection, or they will get killed by the local gangs, and that is funding terrorist groups, and the police are involved with them. They throw mercury in the water while looking for gold which hurts the minors that seek for it and the gold in health danger.

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