My boyfriend’s tbr for next mouth.

LGBTea party

1. The graveyard book by Neil Gaiman

2. The Wondla series by Tony Diterelizzi

3.My sister’s a vampire series by Sienna Mercer

4. Howls moving castle by Diana wynn jones

5. Alice In wonderland by Lewis Carrol

6. The secret garden by Francis Hodgeson Burnett

7. The greensmith girls by Raven Snow

8. wicked vampire by S.Y. Robins

9. Vampire shift by Jim o’rourke

10. The queen and I by sue Townsend

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One thought on “MY TBR

  1. I LOVE Sue Townsend’s royal books–even if they are a bit dated. I howled with laughter reading each of them. Plus her Adrian Mole 2nd book has been on BBC’s Book at Bedtime broadcast recently. Very fun.


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