Human Organs Trafficking

The most organ that is being traded are the kidneys, I been watching a series on “Netflix” called “The Trafficker” and one of the episodes is about the human organs trafficking trade. I’m just a writer, and I’m just sharing my thoughts. A close family member was born with one functioning kidney. When I found out, I was scared of them having kidney failure.

Reasons for donation one of the primary reasons donors articulate for why they sell their organs is to pay off debt. In Iran’s legal markets, the price of a kidney ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. On the black market, however, the price may be above $160,000, most of which is taken by middlemen. Additionally, when done through black market-affiliated medical providers, the transplant operation is dangerous to both the donor and recipient, and the recipient often contracts hepatitis or HIV. The typical price paid to donors on the black market is thought to be about US$5,000, but some donors receive as little as $1,000. Some people believe that since they are they can buy anything with money not caring about safety or hurting other people and I could never agree with something like that.


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