The sky is the limit

On Netflix, there is a show called ‘Queer Eye’. Five gay guys makeover people. Season Two episode 5 hit home it starts for me “ Sylar” going through top surgery as you guys know I, myself am I trans. So even if as the time I’m writing this I’m breathing through a mask because I taught a nasty chest infection while in the hospital for my another that has nothing to do with me being transgender. But that’s a story for another day. Here I’m known as She, and that hurts way more than anyone thinks. I didn’t tell my surgeon because mum didn’t want me to and I respected that. As my surgeon said my death name, you are going to sleep. My heart went out because if I didn’t make out people would never remember the real me. So here it is I’m Alex, age 22, Gender male.

2 thoughts on “The sky is the limit

  1. thats great alex bit sad but dw i will ignite your heart fire forever n may only god snuff out or flames together when his messnger death comes for us together at old age


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