Blogging and Books helped me escape


About a few days, I got a comment wondering how my most of my family don’t know that I’m trans. The reason they asked is that I wrote about it in that post and this the answer I gave them at the time.
“They do see me, sadly I don’t “pass” as male and that honestly makes me tear up. What hurts more than not ‘passing’ that I never hear he, his and him, the pronouns that belong to me. My endocrinologist won’t give me hormones if I don’t tell dad, even if I’m 22. Sorry if I gave you too much information. Here I get to be myself. Alex”

And yesterday I was asked what got me into writing, and my answer was. It just helped me escape from my life and allows me to be me. I own my passion for writing a lot it saved me my life at times. Writing and books offered and still give a run from the world around me when I need it. What regrets me taking hormones I’m sure that my endocrinologist has their reason for wanting to come out to dad, and I respect that, but I have personal reasons I can’t tell my dad.
I’m myself, I love and care, I’m queer.

Happy Pride,

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