The Transgender Manifesto by Ian Thomas Malone

The first few words that I was told when I got on this earth “congratulations it’s a girl”. I barely had time to take my first breaths, but society was already defining I should be this one gender based on my genitals not on my mind and soul. Much say, but you can’t prove you are trans, I am going to ask the same question. How can you prove that you are a girl or a boy you can’t because different people are in different positions on the gender spectrum.


In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell which is a classic which most schools study at least, that’s how it is here in Malta states that ‘ All man are equal’ or something in that meaning. So let’s treat people more fairly and not focus on body parts as much. My opinion on the bathroom law I think most of the trans humans ( because don’t forget that we are talking about human beings like you) want to do their business, and they are out of there without any harm to anyone.


I haven’t came out while in school. However, I do work at a school. All the restrooms are unisex which makes me very comfortable for everyone. Like this book rightly points out that President Donald Trump just banned transgender people from the military which I honestly can’t wrap my head around it because at the end of the day we all want to keep our country safe no matter of gender right?


A lot of people say it’s a choice to be trans, can you hear me out on this one like I didn’t choose to have Cerebral Palsy I have no say what so ever in being a transgender guy. Many people argue that the rate of suicide is too high and unrealistic if society had more acceptance to lgbtqia+ that will make that rate to drop. Most of us like myself don’t want the spotlight but just our fundamental human rights like everyone else. We don’t start transitioning and hormones on a whim it takes thought and therapy. This book was given to me by Netgalley for an honest review. Beware that this is just my opinion and my rating is 4 out of 5.

The Transgender Manifesto

One thought on “The Transgender Manifesto by Ian Thomas Malone

  1. Knowing people who are transgendered, I don’t think anyone would willingly CHOOSE that life. It’s a challenging lifestyle, and it’s an expensive one if you decide to go through the procedures and hormones. It’s not like choosing to go on vacation. It isn’t as if you wake up one morning and say “you know what? .. I don’t think I want to be a girl anymore. I’m kind of over that.” 😕 so, congratulations on being you, and I hope you stay strong. 💖💖🍻

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