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Accio – Summoning charm. This charm summons an object to the caster, potentially over a significant distance.

  1. An upcoming release you wish you could get your hands on right now

Leah on the Offbeat (Creekwood #2) by Becky Albertalli

Alohomora – Unlocking charm. Used to open and unlock doors.

  1. Favourite series starter

Love on the Lane: The Bachelor Next Door, book 1 by Pamela Ford

Cheering charm – Causes the person upon whom the spell was cast to become happy and contented.

  1. A book that gave you all the warm fuzzies

Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

Auguamenti – Water making spell. Produces a jet of water from the caster’s wand

  1. A book that made you ugly cry

Surviving With Wolves by Misha Defonseca

Expecto Patronum – Patronus charm. A defensive spell which will conjure a spirit like incarnation of their positive emotions to defend against dark creatures

  1. A bookish hero or heroine you want to protect you in real life.

Del, from The Flywheel by Erin Gough

Lumos – Creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wants tip. Like a torch.

  1. A book you intentionally spoiled for yourself


Imperio – Imperious curse. Causes the victim of the curse to obey the spoken/unspoken commands of the caster. One of the three unforgivable curses.

  1. A book you wish you could make everyone read because you loved it so much.

The Flywheel by Erin Gough

Engorgio – Engorgement charm. Causes the target to swell in size

  1. A book or series you wish never ended.

Maid for the Billionaire (Legacy Collection #1) by Ruth Cardello

Wingardium leviosa – levitates objects

  1. A book with an uplifting ending or message

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Obliviate – memory charm. Used to hide a memory of a particular event

  1. A book you wish you could forget you ever read.

Fifthy Shades

Anapneo – Clears the targets airway should they find it blocked

  1. An author whose books always get you out of a slump

Sophie Kinsella

Jelly legs jinx – A jinx that renders it’s victim’s legs temporarily useless, leaving him/her to wobble around helplessly

  1. A swoon worthy hero or heroine

Cloak of War (The Empress Game Trilogy #2) by Rhonda Mason

Aresto momentum – decreases the velocity of a moving target

  1. A book that caused you to stop doing all other things until you finished it.

Recovery Road by Blake Nelson

Crucio – cruciatus curse. Inflicts unbearable pain on the recipient. One of the three unforgivable curses

  1. A book that was painful to read (for whatever reason) or broke you

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

Rictusempra – tickling charm. Causes an extreme tickling sensation to the subject.

  1. A book that had you laughing out loud

Kissing on the Corner (The Bachelor Next Door, book 5) by Pamela Ford

Expelliarmus – disarming charm. Causes whatever the victim is holding to fly away

  1. A book that made you send it (or your ereader) flying

His For A Week: Bought by Em Brown (I hate it)

Portus – turns an object into a portkey, which brings anyone who touches it to a specific location

  1. A bookish world you wish you could visit

The world in This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1)by Victoria Schwab

Stupefy – stunning spell. Puts the victim in an unconcious state

  1. A book with a shocking twist or ending

Kill the Father (Colomba Caselli #1) by Sandrone Dazieri

Avada Kedavra – the killing curse. Causes instant painless death to whomever the curse hits. One of the three unforgivable curses

  1. A character death that destroyed you

The dealth in the fault of our stars by John Green

Finite incantatum – Terminates all spell effects  in the vicinity of the caster

  1. Best series conclusion

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan

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