My Thoughts on Book Reviews

I have been reviewing books for the past three years, and I had my fair share of great reviews and a few of the bad ones too. I try my hardest to review any genre for the readers that pop on my blog a higher chance of wanting to read a book that I have written about. However, I must say that I’ve been judged for reviewing what is considered as “women’s literature.” (Even if I don’t agree with that title because books are there for everyone) Anyway, that’s not my point, my point is that since I am a transgender guy, some people think I should give up on reviewing ‘‘women’s books.” Since I transitioned some of the authors, I reviewed for in the past have stopped from wanting me to discuss their books. Just to make it clear I never got money for blogging or reviewing. On the other side, as an author reviews on my work mean the world to me and the fact that people took away for their time to write about how they feel about my writing is the most beautiful gift given to me.

Stay Strong and smile,


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