Not sure if I like what I wrote in the first page of my novel, Any thoughts?

“What’s wrong with you this morning?” Nothing just couldn’t sleep last night, and I bet you’re enjoying kicking my butt? Kyle that’s what you pay me to make you work in the gym. Alright, three more and done I will see next session boss. Time for me to start the day. Under the boiling water the nightmare I have every time I undress, so I am going to let the scalping water numb the pain inside me. Drying himself, Kyle went to his bedroom to dress for the day the first he puts on is a chest binder and underwear choosing my navy blue suit Kyle was ready to start the day. The first thing I do when I enter my office is buzzing my assistant for coffee. Come on in Cece” good morning Mr. Stone.” How are you doing? “Not bad Sir,”so here are the papers I need you to sign today, and if you need anything, I will be in my office.

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