A personal post..

Not long ago I post this on my other blog. As a transgender who hasn’t started medical transition this is something that I personal deal with every day, by no means am I saying that to be transgender you need to medical transition but some transgender choose to medical transition metal health. This is how I feel today worthless and this is why there is a person I love to dead and she loves me too, her parents don’t prove of her being trans they don’t know I am in her life which is ok by me since she is under 18 she was my friend before as time passed we both knew our feeling were growing, I always tried to support the beautiful person she is, my biggest fear is to lose her if anywhere out there is LGBT+ or has a condition that has no cure yet would know how hard it is for someone to try and understand you without judging let alone accepts you as who you are, she does and that helped me more than anyone can think mentally and feeling more comfortable in myself. If a parent is punishing their child for trying to be who they are by taking away access to places where they can meet people like them and making friends who will get them will not only harm your son or daughter but the other people they are helping by being in their lives too. Just be careful who you talk to online but not all people online are bad. From what I know she left and ran away from home because her parents don’t accept her and it’s tough when your parents don’t accept you. I hope she is safe and I miss her I do have anxiety right now and I need my friends.

(Sorry that this isn’t a bookish post but I needed it to vent)


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