Birthday Book Tag

  1. What was the first book you’ve ever got for your birthday?

The famous 5 books.

2.What was the last book you got for your birthday?

Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard by Alex Bertie

3.A book you gave for someone’s birthday.

I gave my friend ten books for her birthday I hope that counts!

  1. Favourite book/ or a simple book which include some kinda birthday scene, stuff.

The little princess is the only book coming in my mind right now. Any suggestions?

  1. Choose 3 books and from them a character can show up at your birthday party. Be wise 😉

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Hearts Like Hers (Seven Shores #2)

by Melissa Brayden

Little & Lion

by Brandy Colbert


I would invite all the lgbt+ characters in all the three books because they are just awesome.

This tag is crated by Booky Bex.

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