E-Book Or Physical Book?

E-books since I like to take more than one book everywhere I go.

Paperback Or Hardback?

Paperbacks because they are lighter.

Online Or In-Store Book Shopping?

Online since some book store aren’t accessible for my wheelchair.

Heroes Or Villains?

Heroes I wish there were more good people in this world.

Trilogies Or Series?


A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

by Susan Kuklin

Recommend An Underrated Author?

Addison Moore, she has a bit of everything.

The Last Book You Finished?

Chase Me

by Natasha West

Weirdest Thing You’ve Used As A Bookmark?

My phone or a fork.

Used Books: Yes Or No?

100% yes books are written to be read.

Top Three Favourite Genres?

Crime, LGBT+ and Contemporary

Borrow Or Buy?

I do both but I buy books more.

Character Or Plot?

Plot if the plot is messed up I find the book hard to understand.

Long Or Short Books?

I can read both.

Books That Make You Laugh Or Cry?

Laugh because laughter is good for you.

Our World Or Fictional?

Our World because it is real.

Audiobooks: Yes Or No?

Sure, I can read while doing other things.

Do You Ever Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Yes, I am honest but I should care about the book more.

Book To Movie Or Book To TV?

Book to Tv , I like tv series more.

A Movie Or TV Show That You Preferred To The Book?

Everything, Everything

by Nicola Yoon

Series Or Standalones?

Standalones, I like to read a story from start to finish in one book.

A Book You Want Everyone To Read?

The Other Boy

by M.G. Hennessey



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